leah serinsky (charlie)

Working on Belgiac was a profound experience. The film comes from such a personal place, so I wanted to be sure to hit all the right notes. I aimed to convey Charlie's torment--and her mania--but also show her vulnerability. After all, she is a woman in pain.
Eva is a true artist, in every sense of the word. Working with her was daring and exciting and collaborative in all the right ways. What a gift! 

dani martineck (nicki)

Belgiac is currently my longest collaboration with Eva. We met and kind of became immediately fascinated with each other's perspectives. Within a month of meeting each other she was directing me in a short film adaptation of a solo play I wrote. That film has been favorably compared to the work of Maya Deren. Eva has a gorgeous aesthetic and an instinct for getting the emotion she wants from the composition of a scene.
From the moment I first read Belgiac I connected with Nicki, who in the first couple drafts was Nick. I think that became evident very quickly in the screen tests, and it was a good match between me and Leah (who plays Charlie). Eva was looking for a very specific kind of dynamic that frays in unexpected ways under the kind of tension we see in the film. It was electric to explore that dynamic and that tension with Leah and Eva, and I'm transported every time I see the film. 

camille schmoeker (nostalgia)

Working with Eva was an exceptional experience from beginning to end. When I first saw her work I was intrigued by the unique perspective and experience she gives the viewer. We struck a chord when we first met, being both of European origins and feeling nostalgic of our mother land. Who knew sitting absolutely still chewing dried chicken bones covered in raspberries for hours could bring out such graphics? My elegantly improvised dress became a comfortable chair for Lupita with whom I became fast friends. While working together, Eva's meticulous attention to detail, passion, clear vision, and unique imagination were strongly conveyed throughout the process. After watching Belgiac myself I feel that although it has resulted in such a profound piece of visual art, it only shows a hint of what Eva is capable of. Belgiac depicts images that are both unknown and yet horrifically familiar. It is evidence of a new voice of emotional expression. If artistry is when someone manipulates his/her skills to emit strong emotion from an audience, Eva has accomplished just that. 

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